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January 22, 2013

History - Facts of Shri Bhagyalaxmi Mandir, Hyderabad

Shri Bhagyalaxmi Mandir, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

The Sri Bhagyalakshmi Temple is an ancient temple, located adjacent to the Charminar. The city of Bhagyanagar, viz today’s Hyderabad was named after Devi ( Goddess) Bhagyalakshmi. This fact has also been established by famous social historians

The sound of Lakshmi’s anklets at Charminar of Hyderabad

Facts Bhagya Lakshmi Temple Charminar
if the city has prospered from what it was, the belief is that the charminar is responsible for it. not just the charminar but the goddess of wealth, lakshmi, who 'stays' in it. some people also claim that they hear the sounds of lakshmi's anklets from the monument. an attender of the archaeological survey of india (asi) claims to have heard it more than a dozen times. legend has it that the goddess was angry with king tana shah in the 17th century for some reason and decided to leave the city. the guard, posted at the monument by the king only to see that lakshmi did not leave, refused to let her go. when lakshmi insisted she should go, the guard made a plea that he would inform the king and let her know. "promise me, until i return, you will not leave," the guard was believed to have asked the goddess. being considerate to him, the goddess obliged and promised she would not leave until he came back after informing the king of her resolve. the guard went to the king at the golconda fort and informed him about the decision of the goddess. he explained that despite pleading with her, she was determined to go. as he spoke to the king, the guard came up with an idea. "kill me," he urged the king. since lakshmi had promised that she would not leave until he came back, the guard explained to the king that if he was killed, he would not be able to return and the goddess would remain in the charminar. the guard was killed and the belief among people even today is that lakshmi is still waiting for the guard's return. since the belief is that lakshmi is still at charminar, women offer puja even now to a stone at the base of the charminar on the northern side. it is not an elaborate puja but they apply vermilion to the stone every morning. because of the belief that lakshmi lives in the charminar, the marwadis in the old city make `parikrama' of the monument during marriage performances. the procession of the bridegroom first goes to the charminar and make's at least one round of the monument starting from the bhagyalakshmi temple.

In the past, attempts have been made to destory this temple under the leadership of the is a continuation of the Razakars and they have nurtured the ambition to eliminate Hindu traces from the old city of Hyderabad.

There is a planned propaganda by Razakars Party of Hyderabad , stating that the temple is a new construction and was constructed in 1979. This is just to confuse the people.

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