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May 30, 2012

Malerkotla - A historical region in Punjab:

About Malerkotla:

The city of Malerkotla is a municipal council in the district of Sangrur in Punjab, India. Malerkotla is located on State Highway 11 on Sangrur-Ludhiana road in Punjab, and at a distance of 36 kms north from the district headquarters of Sangrur and 45 kms south from Ludhiana. It is strategically read more…

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History of Malerkotla:

Malerkotla has more significance in the historical pages of Punjab. Malerkotla was a Muslim Pathan state and it was founded during 1466 AD by an Afghan ruler named Sadr-u-din. It is a fact that during 1947 disturbances read more…

Places to see in Malerkotla:

Many places to see in Malerkotla. This ex-princely state provides a vivid tourism opportunity for travelers.

Want to go to Malerkotla?
Many options are there to reach Malerkotla by train, bus and air… to know more…

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