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May 25, 2012

Dakshina Kaashi - Vemulawada

About Vemulavada:

Vemulawada is a small village town near Karimnagar .This place has a lot of Historical and religious significance and so is also called as Dakhshina Kasi, Southern Benaras as it is, as important as Kashi (Benaras) is in the North for the temple of Lord Shiva… read more

Rajarajeswara swami temple:

This temple of Lord Siva in the form of Raja Rajeshwara Swami is very famous in this part of the region. The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Raja Rajeswara Swami who is locally popular as Rajanna who is adorned on both the sides by the idol of Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi on the right side and to the left is the idol of Sri Laxmi Sahitha Siddi Vinayaka.
There is holy tank called the Dharma Gundam in the middle of the temple. It is considered holy to have a dip in the water of this pond but now the water is a bit polluted and doesn t look that hygienic to have a dip…  read more

History of Rajarajeswara swami temple vemulawada:

The temple seems to exist from many yuga's. The puranic version has it that Lord Siva after having stayed at Kashi, Chidambaram, Srisailam and Kedareswaram chose to reside at Vemulawada .The mythologies prove that the temple existed even at the time of Krita Yuga and King of God's Lord Indra was advised by his Guru, Brihaspati to visit this temple in order to purify his 'sins' of killing Vrithasure.

Another legend has it that a king by name "Sri Raja Raja Narendra' while on a hunting expedition killed a Brahmin boy… readmore

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