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May 21, 2014

How should a husband and wife behave with each other after marriage ?

Hindu religion teaches us that marriage is not just between two people, but an union of two families !

Let us understand and practice these guidelines given to lead a happy married life :

1. They should display a sensibility to understand each other.

2. They should appreciate each other’s qualities ; ignoring and not pointing out each other’s mistakes.

3. They should accept their mistakes.

4. They should have an attitude of sacrifice for one another.

5. They should love each other selflessly and without expectations.

6. They should share the happiness and unhappiness of the partner.

7. They should appreciate the abilities of the partner.

8. Never compare with someone else’s partner.

9. Behave respectfully with the partner’s parents and relatives.

10. They should not live in the past by digging out old disputes but enjoy life by remaining in the present times.

11. Celebrate the wedding anniversary, birthday of the partner and children.

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