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September 5, 2013


All of us would have probably heard the words, ".....Jambudveepe Bharatha Varshe Bharata Khande....." during the sankalpa mantram which forms an integral part of all Vedic rituals. However, most people in foreign countries regularly come to our page with the doubt as to how they must modify this sankalpa mantra to suit the etymology of those countries. This post hopes to throw some light on this aspect.

What exactly is this "Jambudwipa"?

Jambudveepa consisted of modern Asia, Europe, Africa and North America and not merely the Indian subcontinent.

This Jambudvipa was divided into nine varshas (geographical regions) of which one was Bharatha Varsha. The other eight varshas were:
2.Ketumula Varsha
3.Hari Varsha
4.Ilavrita Varsha
5.Kuru Varsha
6.Hiranyaka Varsha
7.Ramyaka Varsha
8.Kimpurusha Varsha
9.Bhadrasva Varsha.

(Refer to the picture to get a clear idea of this).

India which was then called Bharathavarsha extended in the west including the regions of modern Egypt, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Iran, Sumeria upto Caspian Sea (which was called Kashyapa Samudra in those days). Within this Bharata Varsha was located the Bharata Khanda which was the heart of the Vedic civilization & the place where we Indians currently reside. This is one of the innumerous proofs that the Indo-Aryan race theory is a conspiracy theory moulded by western countries to show us in poor light. All of the regions so mentioned in the race theory are a part of Bharata Varsha & there was never a so called "invasion".

What is amazing is the fact that our ancestors had an excellent overview of the geography of the world back then.

It can be observed that in those times, most of South American continent, southern half of African Continent and entire Australia were submerged under water. On the other hand most of modern day Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean, and the entire Arctic ocean were above sea level.

This also proves the logical fallacy of the Western missionaries which claim that the Vedic civilization is just 5000 years old, Kurukshetra war took place just a few thousand years back,etc. The vedic civilization existed at times when Australia was submerged below the ocean! Imagine how long back that must have been!

What is rather disappointing is the fact that our government to this day teaches all sorts of disproved, anti-Indian & illogical theories in our textbooks solely for "minority appeasement" & to support the slow conversion on Hindus to Christianity, a mission well sponsored by the missionaries of the West.

The credits for this discovery go to the great soul Lokamanya Balagangadhar Tilak. More info can be found in his book �The Arctic Home in the Vedas�.

Its disgusting that our government teaches our younger generations to think how worthless our ancestors were rather than teaching them about these great discoveries by such patriots.
I am reminded of the time when the Congress & other pseudosecular parties cried about "Saffronisation of India!" when LK Advani made a proposal to introduce lessons about the great sages of our country. Its time we wake up & understand who is ruling us & what their true agenda is. Are our sages not Indians? Can you name one country which shows its own personalities in poor light to appease its minorities(although minorities are not at all benefitted by it!)?

Its not that we are siding with any political party, but we shall certainly not accept those parties which intend to slowly destroy Sanatana Dharma through covert means!


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  1. superb yaar,i'm really excited to read this!we need to release such news to all to educate them


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